From the comforting atmosphere of a quietly lit living room, to the invigorating effects of morning light, preparing you for your day, light has dramatic effects on mood, health and productivity, and can deeply influence the way we experience an environment.

EXPERIENCING LIGHT 2009 was an international two-day scientific conference for those interested in the effects of light and light design on human wellbeing. It has approached wellbeing in its broadest sense, including mood, emotions, subjective and objective health, comfort, atmosphere perception, productivity and performance.

EXPERIENCING LIGHT 2009 was the first international conference that had a major focus on the psychological processes related to the perception of and exposure to both natural and electric lighting.

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The goal was to bring together a multidisciplinary group of researchers and designers working in this domain so they could meet, share experiences, present research, and exchange ideas.

Key themes of the conference included, but were not limited to:
Daylight and electric lighting
Intensity, colour, and colour temperature of light
Direct vs. indirect lighting
Dynamic vs. static lighting
Lighting and fixture design

And how these impacted on:
Sensation & perception
Mood & atmosphere
Vitality & need for restoration
Productivity & performance
Health & well being
Experience of space and architecture.


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